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CADL Presents: Immature Voices

CADLmagCover2 Felicitations to all of the subscribers to the Summertime 2009 Adolescent Literary Mag, CADL Presents: Immature Voices
The entries were grotesque!

CADL Presents: Immature Voices
is a assemblage of verse, narrations, art, photography and comics by country teens. In the coming hebdomads, a difficult transcript of the mag will be available to check out at your local library. Presently, the mag is available online in our eBook collection
Follow the nexus below to check out and download a transcript today!

CADL Presents: Young Voices

A special felicitations is in order for Garrett Sec, age 11 of Williamston whose pic The Squad
is featured on the mag 's forepart and back covert. Garrett 's pic was the winning
entry in the `` A Day in the Life of Williamston '' picture competition.

If you like this edition of the CADL Teenager Literary Mag, check out some others.

Dare to Be

By: Teens Like You


Haslett Library Adolescent Planning board Presents:
The Teen Literary Magazine


Posted by ErinS

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