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The Modern Devising of Refugee Politics

This does you experience sad to be a Dane. We hold locomoted from being unfastened, accessible, tolerant and supportive to being a clump of average spirited, bigoted, xenophobic tomfools being yanked about by a little grouping of democrat politicians that do you conceive of FRG in the 1930 's. We hold gained the point where we pass 10 eld licking whether or not to allow person refuge. Meanwhile we lodge them in bivouacs with absolutely naught to make... and experience surprised when one-half of them develop psychological issues after ages of immurement waiting to chance out if they will be remited to whatever war-worn maculation of land the shake off originally. Worse... of the supposed Iraqi refugees now being comport to a life in panic at least many of them ( at least 10 ) are nestlings below the age of 10 that was born and raised in Danmark and ne'er hold been to Irak. Seriously... what monsters we hold gone. Outside the church being bust by the law immature demonstrators sat downward on wall street to attempt and foreclose the law from nabbing the Iraiq refugees. Here is what passed to them:

A sad day for what was once one of the most openminded, just and progressive democracies on the planet. But retrieve... you get the regime you merit.
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