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Is the Office button a card or a panel?

Another of Simon's
fantabulous stations about the Thread and other parts of the Fluent UI in Excel 2007 holds propel me to react. Read T he ribbon file blunderfest , where Simon tells ( I clipped a trifle spots out here for brevity, and the boldface is mine ):

I already refered the deficiency of file unfastened icon, and antecedently I hold spoken about the pathetic blob. And the initial flash they shoulded integrate to state us its a button. But when you really get nearer it but gets sillier - I verily would n't hold believed that was possible!

When you snap and look, if you determine to scrub and travel to the traditional natural location ( lower right ) and snap that button, have a go at it shut the file unfastened dialog/ribbon? Or sleep with close Excel?

Everyone I hold enquire ( and me ) holds accidentally shutted Excel numerous times before finally acquiring that this particular piece of the interface is not normal '. As a matter of fact to scratch that thing you snap anyplace else in Excel - and Excel snubs the chink but shuts the dialolog! How pathetic is that?

They hold maked a thing that is not as powerful or governable as a duologue, but is excessively large and intrusive to be a carte or toolbar
so they slaughtered an bing UI conception - the chink forth to scratch menu construct to work with this quasi dialolog. But duologues ne'er worked like that before or in other applications. So now Office is the most friction-full application in the widows existence ( omiting mayhap Ulead merchandises ).

So, makes the Office button convey upwardly a ( pitiable ) dialolog, or is it only a carte?

Sorry Simon but I need to dissent with you on this one ( I appear to recollect being stated I was the voice of balance on smurfonspreadsheets by mortal... ).

Merely because you conceive it Holds a dialog and name it a duologue makes not intend it is a duologue or should do like one. Shredding a straw man / thread makes not do a valid statement. To me it looks and acts reasonably much like I would anticipate a card to do:

  • It seems from a button above it
    , and remains therein fixed place
    ( unlike normal duologue which are windows which can be travelled about ).

  • It holds points which when oscillated over reveal sub-menus of related points
    The ones which make this are correctly betoken with a little pointer
    to the right.

  • Since it is not a dialog, it holds no `` X '' close button in the window rubric taproom because it makes not hold a rubric ginmill
    ( as an aside, I would bet this is even as popular a method of shutting an unwanted dialog as moving for the Natural button )

Why would I anticipate a Natural button on a carte anyways?

Goodly, I
would n't. But even if I maked, I would look for it specifically - the natural button is not ever in the bottom right of a dialolog ( nor ever there the least bit ). Yet, I make encounter that the Natural button is usually the one labelled `` Natural '' instead than the one labelled `` Print '' or `` Outlet Excel ''. This rule holds stood me in good lieu with most applications.

Anyone acquainted with the old file card and anticipating things to be the same or similar in the new version would not be the least bit surprised to happen that the option to leave the application was the last one therein listing, I would hold conceived.

Carnival plenty, it Holds not a regular, old style font card

A few slipways this makes not act like a regular carte in the traditional standard interface designing we hold all come to love ( or at least get really really utilise to ):

  • The `` recent papers '' listing looks in the right one-half when the left card makes not take a submenu, instead than widening the carte to silly lengths ( especially if you zigzag upward the scene to present the maximum of 50 ). Unusual? Non- ( old ) Standard? Certainly, but you should acknowledge it Holds utile, does common sense and demands less mouse traveling. And who makes not love the ability to trap papers to the recent listing by the bye?

  • yes, some of the carte points ( such as Save As ) hold something like that weird dual-purpose behaviour where you can snap the button and you get something really like it applied to be, or you can vacillate and locomote to the right for the submenu. But these are better than the similar behavior of split buttons on the thread with much to-do - you merely should vacillate to now detect the submenu, unlike the buttons where you need to snap one one-half or the other to see what is locomoting along.
    The only carte point where this really does any difference is Save As. You snap the left one-half and the SaveAs dialolog is shown with the current salved workbook formatting took ( or.xlsx for a new doomed workbook or another default if you hold a grouping policy effective to maintain people in compatibility way somehow ). A chink in the right conveys upwards the same box with the selected formatting took. Large trade. ( The Print carte holds print as an option on the right overly, and no discernable difference to me which you take to snap on, so although it holds the dual-control thing there is no downside to the user if they make n't understand it ).

For me the only behavior which is uneven plenty ( therein it is unexpected for a normal card ) to justify special reference on my Excel 2007
or Office 2007 update training courses
is that the card points can be added to the Khat with a right chink, so proving that they are buttons, this is so a dialolog not a card and Simon was right after all! Goodly, up to a point...

Should Register actions be flux with application Options?

As for `` Excel Options '' ( or Word, PowerPointetc. options ) being inapposite in here when everything else is `` file '' material, the same could be told for Options get on the Tools card historically when everything else there was to make with content ( of a spreadsheet or papers or whatever ) - like spelling checker, path modifications or End Seek. It was ne'er intuitive in the first spot, we only got so utilise thereto over clip that anything appears eldritch ( like non-Qwerty keyboards ). Other application writers holded options ( or tastes ) on the file carte eld ago ( Jasc Pigment Store Professional being one illustration I cognize of ) or lay it someplace else such as the Edit carte. I don't use Acrobat reader anymore, but I 'm jollily sure Adobe positioned the tastes on the edit carte, which really sounds
right when you desire to redact your tastes for the application, but ne'er experienced
right because I was not redacting anything in the usual sense.

I happen that people promptly grasp the thought that anything to make with the whole papers or whole application get on the Office button. It Holds ( kind of ) a separation of contented redaction tools ( on the Thread ) and meta-tools ( on the Office button ).

What about other `` whole papers '' options like Page Apparatus?

Arguably, Page Apparatus could hold been left there for most people 's intentions ( and Print Country in Excel ), but they do horse sense on the Page Layout thread, especially since they can differ from sheet to sheet in Excel or subdivision to subdivision in Word ( therefore neglecting my `` whole papers '' tryout ).

I really prefer the visibleness of the options on the Thread, especially Scale to Conniption - how many times hold you squandered a trip to the Page Apparatus duologue merely to encounter the `` conniption to 1 page '' option you desired was already putted. Now you see it before you move there. And holding a true `` Automatic '' posing instead than a kludge of laying inward more pages than you ever anticipated to take, ( which worked until some twerp turned along mete for a vast cell orbit or even the whole sheet ). Now I only desire the current perimeters to be obvious, and ideally adjustable from the Thread instead than another duologue - `` Last usance scene '' that I utilise is not the same as what is current for this papers. Especially since Page Apparatus is one of the few dialogs which is still modal
so I need to snap Oklahoma, encounter out if everything now accommodates and wraps where I desire it and assay again.

To me it would besides hold done some sense to include other `` whole file '' operations such as Protect Workbook and Portion Workbook on the Office button carte in Excel ( peradventure in the Prepare submenu ) too as on the Reappraisal check of the Thread, in order to supply more discoverability? I believe it does equally much sense as the Restrict Permission options being there, doing it really easy for users to detect that they ca n't apply this characteristic without bounding through hoops or holding a clued-up IT section to sieve out credential dainties for them.

What would you wish to see on the Office button carte? Or on the Thread in the main?

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