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Hasay, Easter, and Material!

So allow me get Hasay
out of the fashion foremost.... Umm hold n't done any advancement rattlingly, but it Holds not my mistake! It Holds that cunning small downy beast with the long ears, you cognise the one....


Cute right?! Wrong! This small critter inclines to leave at least three or more Easter handbaskets at our house choc full of cocoa, attention of diet wreckers
Grandmas and Aunts ). I intend irrespective how I emphasise to this cunning small fluff ball less chocolate, the more he/she appears to render. So I 'm sure I was n't the only one who fell victimto the evillittlerabbit 's sabotaging slipways?! I will slog along and assay to make better this hebdomad.

As for Easter, we holded a great one! Meggers got dressed upwardly all cute in one of the frocks my Aunty Christine purchased her.



Went tothe one-year Easter egg Hunt at her friend 's house.


That Holds right nippers, gaze directly into the sunshine so we can get a cunning icon. ~grin~

We travelled sick with some Easter tattoo Holds the Easter bunny left and appropriately renamed our girl Megalina Jolie.



According to Megalina the bosom tattoo 's from left to compensate were Dada, Momma, and Million!

Meggers and Kaya got together to paint Eggs and do Mag holders out of cereal boxes.


Million and Ieven doed a birdfeeder out of a milk cartonful, some popsicle sticks and pigment!


Everything seen we holded apretty good Easter. Our house trusts your house holded a marvelous Easter overly!


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